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16. Mai 2019

How Hip-Hop helps aus understand science (Epidsode 2)

In the ear­ly 1990s, a scan­dal rocked evo­lu­tio­na­ry bio­lo­gy: sci­en­tists dis­co­ve­r­ed that song­birds — once thought to be stric­t­ly mono­ga­mous — enga­ged in what’s poli­te­ly cal­led “extra-pair copu­la­ti­on.” In this unf­or­gett­able bio­lo­gy les­son on ani­mal infi­de­li­ty, TED Fel­low Dani­el­le N. Lee shows how she uses hip-hop to teach sci­ence, lea­ding the crowd in an updated ver­si­on of Naugh­ty by Nature’s hit “O.P.P.”

16. Mai 2019

Inside the mind of a master procrastinator (Episode 1)

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20. Mai 2019

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